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We put you in touch with 425 professional conference interpreters with a variety of language combinations,
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A consultant interpreter is on duty to deal with all
your requests for interpretation – be it a small
working party or a multilingual conference.

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Who we are

Conference interpretation is a specialized profession, requiring exceptional know-how and extensive general culture. For high quality interpretation provided by experienced professionals, demand AIIC interpreters.

We are qualified conference interpreters whose expertise has been validated and recognized by international organizations. We adhere to a code of ethics in particular strict professional confidentiality.

Our goals

  • Raise the profile
    of the profession of conference interpreter.

  • Provide information
    on the technical conditions required.

  • Help
    individuals, corporates, or associations find qualified interpreters.

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AIIC interpreters are expert communicators. They are your best guarantee of success when people from different cultures come together.