Quality service and ethics

AIIC members adhere to a professional code of ethics and professional confidentiality and may not reveal any information they may be party to in the exercise of their profession nor derive any personal benefit from what they hear.

Technical Conditions
AIIC interpreters require satisfactory technical conditions in order to guarantee quality service: sound quality, direct view of the speaker and the meeting room, prior communication of documents for preparation.

Professional domicile
AIIC members must declare a professional domicile.
This means priority is given to ‘local’ interpreters whenever possible, if the language combination is available.

Full information
AIIC members must be provided with full information on the contract conditions before accepting. Only then can they be certain that they have the necessary qualifications to provide quality service.

Contractual Conditions and Cancellation
An interpreter may only accept one contract per day, even if the scheduled duration is only a few hours. When the contract is confirmed the interpreter reserves the day and cannot accept other contracts for the same day.

An AIIC interpreter cannot be released from a contract unless he/she suggests a replacement colleague to the client or conference organizer.
This ensures that the organizer will have a full team on the day of the conference.
The contract must include a cancellation clause in the event that the conference is cancelled by the organizer.
The interpreter will not invoice the cancelled day if he/she has been able to accept another contract for the same day. The same day will not be invoiced twice.

Travel time
If the contract requires extensive travel time, the interpreter may require rest/adaptation time.

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